08 November 2019 Colombia

Lessons from the Indigenous territories in Colombia – In conversation with Carlos Rodriguez

Indigenous groups control a significant portion of the land in Colombia. This is good news for the forest, as the Indigenous worldview is based on the idea that people are an integrated part of nature. But this does not necessarily mean they reject modernity. There is a need to cherish and pass on Indigenous culture, while at the same time taking local development aspirations seriously, according to Carlos Rodriguez, director of Tropenbos Colombia.

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04 November 2019 the Netherlands

e-Dialogue: Scaling of innovative finance for sustainable landscapes

Participate in an e-Dialogue on the draft of the paper “Scaling of innovative finance for sustainable landscapes” (available after registering).

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22 October 2019 Indonesia

Fighting forest fires in Indonesia starts with getting the data right - In conversation with Edi Purwanto

Forest fires have been wreaking havoc in large parts of Indonesia, most of them set deliberately to clear land for oil palm plantations. A recent government moratorium on expanding oil palm in forest areas could help preventing forest fires in the future, but the lack of accurate spatial data is a main barrier to implement the moratorium, says Edi Purwanto.

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03 October 2019 the Netherlands

Three-dimensional Map Improves Communication with Indigenous Communities

Tropical forests are essential to our climate and biodiversity, but are under threat from overexploitation and raw material extraction. Indigenous communities are essential to the conservation of the forests. However, there was no good way to communicate with the local population about their environment and the effects of overexploitation. PhD candidate Sara Ramírez Gómez of Utrecht University worked with the indigenous communities to draw up three-dimensional maps of their living environment, thus creating a basic tool for communicating with the outside world. Ms Ramírez Gómez defended her doctoral thesis in the University Hall of Utrecht University on 27 September 2019.

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25 September 2019 the Netherlands

Tropenbos International joins the climate strike

From September 20 to 27, 2019 the global climate strike takes place. Tropenbos International joins the Dutch Climate Strike on September 27 in The Hague. Together with more than 50 Dutch organisations we have signed the declaration “the climate belongs to everyone” (het klimaat is van iedereen).

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19 September 2019 Liberia

Regional Forest Dialogue in Liberia ends with key recommendations for the forestry sector

Key recommendations for improving existing laws, regulations, policies, agreements and operations of forest structures and companies is the result of a one day regional forest dialogue among representatives of communities, companies and local and national government in Bong County, Liberia (August 29, 2019).

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