16 September 2021 General

Working towards fire smart territories

Over the past decade, uncontrolled forest fires have increasingly captured international headlines. They have affected many regions worldwide, including places not previously associated with fires, such as dense tropical forests. The human tragedy, the loss of assets, and the impacts on health and the environment have been tremendous. At the same time, fire contexts have become more complex, due to the effects of climate change; the presence of disturbed, more flammable vegetations; and the increase of economic activities in fire-prone landscapes. This combination of factors has increased the risk of fires spiralling out of control, and becoming wildfires.

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26 August 2021 Ethiopia

Towards a draft national restoration strategy for Ethiopia

Professionals committed to the development of Ethiopia’s drylands gathered again in Addis Ababa, for the start of a three-day meeting as part of their mission ‘Towards a draft national restoration strategy’. The Ethiopia Dryland Restoration Platform (EDRP) was formed in April at the national workshop on ‘Dryland restoration and dry forest management - Sharing knowledge to meet local needs and national commitments’, when a Declaration was made on a joint commitment to work towards a national dryland restoration strategy.

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24 August 2021 Uganda

Participatory land use planning in Uganda

The Ugandan National Oil Palm Project (NOPP) aims to improve rural development in and around Lake Victoria through oil palm production, and to contribute to poverty reduction. This began in Kalangala district in 2002, and oil palm now dominates much of the landscape on that island. It is now being expanded to Buvuma where land has been acquired for new plantations, and several mainland districts where this process is just beginning.

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17 August 2021 the Netherlands

Opinion: The genie will escape from the bottle if we don’t change our approach to nature

Illusions are no good to future generations. After the latest IPCC report we need a government that does more than promise to achieve the Paris goals.

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20 July 2021 the Netherlands

New methodology proposes mechanisms to support integrated landscape initiatives and make access to finance more inclusive

Integrated landscape initiatives have shown promising potential to mobilize and support diverse stakeholders across sectors to work jointly toward shared objectives. However, few integrated landscape initiatives have had access to the finance needed to achieve their goals. There is a clear mismatch between the supply side of private “impact investors” and the demand side of sustainable land-use investments on the ground.

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14 July 2021 Bolivia

Forests are at the forefront of Bolivia’s revised Nationally Determined Contribution - In conversation with Humberto Gomez Cervero

Crucial to the success of the Paris Agreement are the so-called Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), in which countries describe their climate goals and the ways they intend to achieve them. Governments revise their NDCs every five years, reflecting the highest possible ambitions.

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