Regions where we work in Philippines

We are currently active in the following regions:


Tropenbos International in the Philippines together with its partner the Forest Foundation Philippines works towards inclusive and sustainable governance of forested landscapes. TBI's works to strengthen the capacities of national and landscape actors to enable collaborative effort on landscape governance.

Our work focuses on inclusive decision making on natural resource governance of forest-dependent and indigenous communities in two landscapes: Southern Palawan and the Sierra Madre Mountain Range (Luzon).

Forests in the Philippines have been in steady decline, which has a tremendous impact on millions of people who depend on these forests and the vital ecosystem services they provide. The two landscapes not only serve as homes to many communities - including indigenous peoples - who depend on them for their daily subsistence, but are also critical for the adjacent provinces and regions. Both landscapes are subjected to forest and habitat degradation, which threatens the sustainability of livelihoods, food security, water provisioning and biodiversity.

What we do:

  • Support landscape actors to establish their own multi-stakeholder governance groups for inclusive decision making, and for improving forest landscape restoration arrangements
  • Work with landscape actors to identify evidence-based landscape restoration approaches
  • Increase support for IPLCs and their role in landscape restoration and protection

With whom

Tropenbos International works with the Forest Foundation Phillipines. Forest Foundation is a grant-making, grant-giving organization that provides technical, and financial support for communities, and organizations who want to do meaningful forest conservation work in select Philippine forest landscapes. For more information visit: