16 July 2024 the Netherlands

Building fire-smart landscapes: a collective action approach to wildfire management

In recent years, extensive wildfires have captured international headlines. Concerningly, they are becoming more frequent and intense. 2023 has been particularly severe, with fires blazing across the Amazon basin, Canada, and Europe, and it looks like 2024 is on track to be just as bad, if not worse. These wildfires have a profound impact on people's lives and ecosystems in tropical countries, as well as releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases.

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11 July 2024 Uganda

A landscape approach to fire management - Wildfire, a shared enemy in Uganda

In Uganda wildfires are a shared enemy and therefore a common entry point to bring all stakeholders towards a common vision: a wildfire management strategy that will help minimize the risks and impacts of wildfires.

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04 July 2024 Ghana

A landscape approach to fire management – towards a fire-smart landscape in Ghana

In Ghana, approximately one-third of the high forest and transitional zones are susceptible to annual wildfires, causing significant damage to resources and livelihoods. Local communities often utilize fire in their daily activities for various purposes such as clearing land for agriculture, hunting, and charcoal production. Instead of changing practices when it comes to wildfires, we strongly believe in the importance of prevention and reducing the risks associated with them.

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27 June 2024 Indonesia

Scaling Agroforestry in Indonesia

This article emphasizes the need for collaborative efforts to scale and promote agroforestry practices in Indonesia. It presents a policy brief that highlights promising solution pathways to overcome the challenges and seize the benefits, inviting stakeholders to contribute to and unlock the full potential of agroforestry, ultimately benefiting communities and ecosystems across Indonesia.

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13 June 2024 Indonesia

A landscape approach to fire management – Fire free peatland under shared governance in Indonesia

In the peatlands in Indonesia, efforts should be directed towards prevention measures that result in wildfire risk reduction. We believe a participatory and inclusive approach is the most effective fire prevention strategy.

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06 June 2024 Bolivia

A landscape approach to fire management - Improved governance to prevent forest fires in Bolivia

When it comes to wildfires we believe in the power of prevention and wildfire risk reduction. In Bolivia, instead of trying to eliminate fires completely, we focus on working with communities, businesses, and farmers to prevent and reduce the impact of wildfires on their livelihoods.

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