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Managing a village forest – a matter of commitment

In Indonesia, local communities can apply for a village forest permit, which gives them the right to use and manage forests that are located on state lands. In theory, this provides an incentive for sustainable forest management, which in turn generates income for the community. In practice, it is not always that easy. In this video Yohanes Dogol, the head of the village forest committee of Laman Satong in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, describes some of the challenges they are facing.

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New book on community forest rights to be launched at the GLF in Bonn, June 2019

The 2019 annual event of the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn focusses on rights and rights-based approaches. It will help draw attention to a discrepancy that is still common in many countries: while local communities and Indigenous Peoples depend on forest resources for their livelihoods, they do not have the legal right to use and manage them. However, change is in the air.

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New Methodology will fill knowledge gaps for transformative landscape finance

Collaborative landscape initiatives have demonstrated enormous potential to mobilize stakeholders across sectors, supporting them to work together toward shared objectives of landscape regeneration. This meets a wide range of human needs, economic goals and ecosystem objectives. However, implementing these partnerships is challenging. Perspectives, values and ways of working differ greatly among partners; in many cases there is a legacy of misunderstanding and distrust. Explicit strategies and tools are needed to overcome the resulting tendency for stalemate and conflict.

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The TBI network has members in Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, DR Congo, Suriname, Colombia and the Netherlands. The members share a common vision and mission, as well as a common focus and approach, while tailoring their efforts to the specific local context

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