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Leading the way in sustainability is not a luxury, but a dire necessity

For years, the Dutch government has been supporting voluntary international corporate responsibility covenants and efforts have been made to develop methods for companies to measure and reduce their global footprint. The lack of real tangible progress shows the failure of these forms of self-regulation. It is time for binding laws and regulations. The proposed law on responsible and sustainable international business (initiatiefwet verantwoord en duurzaam internationaal ondernemen), which will be officially discussed in the House of Representatives this week, offers opportunities for internationally operating businesses to become more sustainable more quickly.

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Agroforestry at work - Call for contributions Tropical Forest Issues 62

Agroforestry has long been considered as a key practice for sustainably improving and diversifying farm incomes, nutrition, and resilience to economic and environmental shocks. The ecological benefits are proven, and there is no shortage of technical knowledge. But its widespread adoption remains elusive. Is it that the economic benefits for farmers are not enough, or not perceived to be enough? Or are there other reasons?

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Indigenous youth of Guarayos now managing their own forests

The forests of Guarayos provide more than half of Bolivia’s wood supply. But this is threatened by overexploitation, while younger people have been leaving to find work elsewhere. This video shows how a programme supports indigenous youth to be more aware of the value of their forests, the economic opportunities available, and to build the needed skills to make the most of these. The result – more income for them and their communities, less migration, and improved sustainable governance of local forests.

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The TBI network has members in Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, DR Congo, Suriname, Colombia and the Netherlands. The members share a common vision and mission, as well as a common focus and approach, while tailoring their efforts to the specific local context

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