25 February 2021 General

FTA 2020 science conference “Forest, trees and agroforestry science for transformational change”

The FTA science conference “Forest, trees and agroforestry science for transformational change” was held in September 2020 as a closed event that gathered researchers involved in FTA from its partner organizations to present the most exciting research results, exchange experiences and lessons learned, and reflect on the way forward.

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24 February 2021 Philippines

Community forest rights in Philippines

How can we support communities that care for the forests in the Philippines?

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11 February 2021 the Netherlands

Report on expert online workshop “Innovative technologies for sustainable forestry and sustainable forest management in Asia and the Pacific”

Two inter-related roadmaps for primary forest conservation, and for innovative forest technologies in the Asia-Pacific region are being developed as follow-up to the recommendations of the ‘Third Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook Study’ published in 2019, by FAO and CIFOR. At the end of last year Tropenbos International participated during an online expert workshop on innovative forest technologies to take stock of the progress made in the development of the roadmap and prepare the next steps.

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11 February 2021 Bolivia

Financial Education for Community Forestry Organizations in Guarayos, Bolivia

The native indigenous territory of Guarayos (Tierras Comunitarias de Origen – TCO) has a titled area of 1,343,646 ha, of which 90% are forests that are still in a good state of conservation, thanks to the 111 Community Forest Organizations (OFC) that execute their General Forest Management Plans in an area of 1,274,614 ha of forest.

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16 December 2020 General

ETFRN News 60 – Restoring African Drylands

At the beginning of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, this 60th issue of ETFRN News is very timely, reflecting a focus on drylands that cover some 40% of the world’s land area and contain some of the most severely degraded landscapes on Earth. They are also home to a third of the world’s population and a disproportionate number of the poorest people, along with unique ecosystems and biodiversity. And these issues are more acute in Africa than in any other continent.

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14 December 2020 the Netherlands

Record submissions to public consultation urge EU to act on deforestation

A landmark 1,193,652 submissions to the EU's public consultation on deforestation were handed over to the European Commission this afternoon, all of which demanded a strong EU law to protect the world's forests and the rights of people who depend on them. The one million+ submissions have made this the largest public consultation on environmental issues in the history of the EU, and the second largest ever.

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