28 November 2018 the Netherlands

Geography of landscape governance

During the GLF Landscape Learning Pavilion at GLF Bonn 2018 , Tropenbos International and NTFP Philippines will organise a session on the role of Multi-Stakeholder Landscape Dialogue (MSLD) in landscape governance and how it can stimulate the sustainable and inclusive management of the resources in the landscape.

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22 November 2018 Ghana

Civil Society Organisations in Ghana can play a crucial role in the implementation of the Cocoa and Forest Initiative

Civil Society Organisation in Ghana have over the years acquired a vast array of expertise in diverse fields including forestry and monitoring which can be tapped into by the Cocoa and Forests Initiative in its quest to address the role of cocoa cultivation in forest degradation and deforestation.

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20 November 2018 the Netherlands

Let’s talk about governance: A participatory approach to assessing landscape governance

From local to global and from production to conservation; in any given landscape we find many functions and interests. For sustainable landscapes it is key to understand how these interests are balanced in rules and decision-making processes, and how this influences the behaviour of actors in the landscape. During the GLF (1-2 December, 2018) we held a Landscape Talk on a tool to asses landscape governance and our experiences with its application in the Philippines.

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24 October 2018 Ghana

Agroforestry is the key to higher yields and longevity of cocoa trees, according to Ghanaian cocoa farmer

While Cocoa Agroforestry is being touted in recent times as the solution to combating deforestation driven by the conversion of forests into farmlands, fueled in part by the expansion of monoculture cocoa farms, Madam Gladys Adjei, a 52-year-old veteran cocoa farmer, says cocoa agroforestry also holds the key to obtaining higher yields and prolonging the lifespan of cocoa trees.

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18 October 2018 Liberia

CSOs in Liberia launch national advocacy strategy

On Friday, October 19, 2018 a national advocacy strategy in Liberia is being launched under the theme “Setting the stage for campaign against illegal logging as well as the blatant disregard for community’s rights and benefits as it relates to Social Agreement.” The advocacy strategy is organized by Liberian Civil Society Organizations under the banner, NGO Coalition of Liberia.

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09 October 2018 Colombia

Traditional knowledge about the great catfish “Piraiba” receives the Colombian Science prize 2018

For more than two decades they worked together to document the traditional knowledge on the catfish of the Colombian Amazon; Luis Angel Trujillo (a fisherman), Confucio Hernandez (an Uitoto indigenous biologist) and Carlos Rodríguez (director of Tropenbos Colombia). The resulting book titled “Piraiba: Ecología ilustrada del gran bagre amazónico” (Piraiba: Illustrated ecology of the great Amazon catfish), has now received the highest award in Colombian sciences of the Foundation Alejandro Ángel Escobar. The award ceremony will take place on 10 October 2018 in Bogotá, Colombia.

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