About us

Tropenbos International envisions a future in which forests and trees are used sustainably for the benefit of local people and the global community. By using evidence to make conscious choices and finding the right balance between the needs of all the stakeholders involved, we contribute to sustainable solutions for forested landscapes.

Tropenbos International (TBI) brings the knowledge together to address complex questions regarding sustainable management of forests and trees, organizes interactions with all the stakeholders and actively helps to create broad support.

We started in 1986 as a Dutch non -governmental non-profit organization, in 2017 we became a network of independent member organisations. We work in more than ten countries in the south, through our network of six local members and collaborations with partners elsewhere.

Our mission is to improve the governance and management of tropical forests for the benefit of people, biodiversity and sustainable development.

Our objective  is to ensure that knowledge is used effectively in the formulation of appropriate policies and managing forests for conservation and sustainable development.

Our values
Our work is based on the core values of sustainability, inclusiveness, and equity. In our view, sustainable, inclusive and equitable development is an achievable goal once stakeholders, and crucially local stakeholders, participate in shaping the decisions that govern forested landscapes and value chains. TBI believes that evidence-based information, individual and organisational capacity, and multi-stakeholder dialogue are essential for progress towards sustainable landscapes and value chains.

Our unique value

  • A focus on smallholders, indigenous peoples, local communities and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs
  • A central role for knowledge and dialogue to support decision making about forests and trees
  • Long-standing relationships of trust with key actors in six focus countries
  • A network with members all over the forested tropics that connects national experiences with international policy debate

The TBI network
Tropenbos International is organised as a network of independent member organisations. The members share a common vision and mission, as well as a common focus and approach. Each member organisation operates a national programme that is tailored to the specific local context and related conditions. The TBI network consists of member organisations in Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, DR Congo, Suriname, Colombia and the Netherlands.

Legal Status


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