10 May 2022 the Netherlands

Empowering indigenous youth in Kalimantan, Indonesia - In conversation with Sumarni Laman

“We want to inspire young people to become restoration warriors,” says Sumarni Laman. She works with an NGO in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, to build awareness about the need for restoration among indigenous youth. Here she talks with Koen Kusters about the importance of her work, as well as the challenges she has encountered.

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09 May 2022 the Netherlands

State of the World’s Forests 2022: Financial investments needed to support sustainable practices of local actors

To prevent deforestation, restore degraded lands and build green value chains, local small-scale producers in the forestry and agroforestry sectors require better access to finance, so they can invest in sustainable practices, according to FAO’s most recent State of the World’s Forests.

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04 May 2022 the Netherlands

Increasing smallholder productivity- In conversation with Rudy Rabbinge

“Economic development usually begins with agriculture, so we must take smallholders as a starting point,” says Rudy Rabbinge, emeritus university professor of sustainable development and food security at Wageningen University and Research (WUR). Here he talks with Koen Kusters about the role of smallholders, and the need to increase their productivity.

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26 April 2022 the Netherlands

Don’t fixate on smallholders - In conversation with Stefan Dercon

We need to get away from the fixation on smallholders and focus on a development model that actually improves livelihood opportunities, according to Stefan Dercon of the University of Oxford. Dercon has written critically about development programmes that support smallholder agriculture as a way out of poverty. Here he talks with Koen Kusters about the relation between smallholder farming, development aspirations and the environment.

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19 April 2022 the Netherlands

Smallholders on the forest frontier — Insights from research on oil palm farmers in Indonesia - In conversation with Diana Chalil

There is a need to improve the productivity of smallholders, while preventing their further expansion into natural forest areas, according to Diana Chalil of Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. She has many years of experience researching oil palm smallholders in Indonesia and is currently coordinating a research project in the South Tapanuli landscape in the province of North Sumatra. Here she talks with Koen Kusters about the main insights of her research, and her ideas about ways to reconcile development and conservation objectives in oil palm dominated landscapes.

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12 April 2022 the Netherlands

Smallholders as landscape stewards - In conversation with Pablo Pacheco

Smallholders should be compensated for their role in protecting the environment, says Pablo Pacheco, WWF’s global forests lead scientist. Here he talks with Koen Kusters about the role of smallholders in tropical forest frontier areas, and the options to improve their livelihoods while maintaining ecological diversity in climate-smart landscapes.

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