WHAT WE DO — Six steps to lasting change

The landscape approach is our starting point. We facilitate evidence-based dialogue, collaborative learning and collective action among landscape stakeholders. From there, we inform and influence policies and practices at a range of levels. We work closely with communities, civil society organizations, researchers, businesses, and governments, in order to:

  • Understand: We gather and analyze evidence about landscape challenges and their solutions, by combining local and scientific knowledge.
  • Show what works: We co-create, test and demonstrate locally owned solutions, such as equitable governance arrangements, and innovative business models and financial mechanisms.
  • Enable stakeholders: We strengthen local stakeholders’ capacity for sustainable practices, equitable governance, and better landscape management.
  • Connect: We connect stakeholders within and beyond landscapes, to facilitate dialogue, learning, collaboration and collective action.
  • Influence: We influence governments and companies to adopt policies and practices that support thriving and climate-resilient landscapes.
  • Leverage: We form partnerships with other organizations that complement our capacities, and help us scale up solutions for thriving and climate-resilient landscapes. 

What we deliver

  • Concrete evidence of sustainable landscapes, sustainable production systems and viable smallholder livelihoods, in the form of cases and pilots that can be scaled up.
  • Increased capacity, collaborative learning and broad engagement in collective action.
  • Relevant and evidence-based knowledge to inform decision makers and landscape stakeholders.
  • Enabling conditions
  • Policy recommendations for local, national and international action.