TBI is governed by an international General Board composed of reputable Dutch and international experts drawn from the research, policy, business and development communities. 


Edwin Huizing

Board Chair

Founding CEO of IMS Foundation


Sarbani Bhattacharya

Board Treasurer

Head Finance and IT transformation at ASML

Sarbani is a global business manager with a long-standing career, including Unilever, KPMG and ASML, where she contributed significantly in finance, strategy and transformation, sales, operations and international business development. She was very closely involved in the Netherlands-India business corridor and continues to contribute to society through non-executive roles such as Chair of CARE Netherlands, member of CARE International Council Governance and Nomination Committee; Chair of Finish Mondial Supervisory Board. Passionate about socio-economic development, landscapes and livelihoods, financial inclusion, art, culture and women's empowerment.


Deon Nel

Chief Conservation Officer at WWF Netherlands

Deon is taking on a new position, as per 1 April 2024, at WWF-South Africa as their Head of Environmental Programmes/Conservation Director. He has been Chief Conservation Officer for WWF Netherlands, where he oversaw their programmatic investments across five continents. Previously, he has held the positions of CEO of the Global Resilience Partnership and Global Conservation Director for WWF International. He holds a PhD in Conservation Ecology and master’s degrees in Conservation Biology, Environmental Law, and Business Administration.


Dirkje Jansen

Business Owner at Franck Advisory 

Dirkje has recently been appointed to the board of Tropenbos International, bringing a specialised focus in Organisational Development and Innovation. She completed an executive MBA at Saïd Business School (Oxford University) and has more than twenty years of experience in international cooperation. As an entrepreneur, she advises social enterprises in their mission, and until recently was Group Program Director for Africa's largest health organization Amref Health Africa.


Maas.M. Goote

Founder/Owner of ‘Carraway Strategies’

Maas is a seasoned strategist with 25+ years of experience in environmental advocacy. From negotiating at UN Climate Talks to leading conservation NGOs, he's been pivotal in global environmental efforts. As CEO of a philanthropic fund, he financed local ecosystem restoration projects. With expertise in biodiversity, climate change, and ozone protection, Maas now runs Carraway Strategies, offering consultancy on policy and law to companies and nonprofits. His career spans from high-level political processes to grassroots action, all aimed at safeguarding the planet.


Peter Veit

Senior Research Associate at World Resources Institute (WRI)

Peter is a seasoned expert in land tenure and social justice, who boasts 35+ years of global development experience across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. As a Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute (WRI), he champions indigenous and community land rights, enhancing local livelihoods and sustainable development. He co-founded WRI’s Institutions and Governance Center, now the Center for Equitable Development, fostering resilient and equitable futures. His rich career spans wildlife research in Rwanda to teaching at prestigious institutions, shaping policies worldwide through advocacy and scholarly contributions.