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Supporting agroforestry adoption for climate-smart landscapes


Authors: Koen Kusters

General - 2023

Language: English


The incorporation of trees on farms, known as agroforestry, has the potential to contribute to resilient livelihoods, climate change mitigation, and biodiversity conservation. But, despite its many benefits, the widespread adoption of agroforestry still faces numerous challenges.

As part of the Working Landscapes programme, we have been promoting smallholder agroforestry as a component of climate-smart landscapes in DR Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, and Viet Nam. To learn from the experiences in these focus landscapes, we have reflected on our achievements so far, best practices, the lessons we have learned, and what should be priorities for future programmes.

On this publication we emphasize on three sets of conditions necessary for the uptake and upscaling of diverse agroforestry systems that contribute to livelihood, climate and biodiversity objectives.

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