Marantaceae of the Araracuara region.


Authors: Suárez, A. and Galaeno, G.

Colombia - 1996

ISBN: 958-9365-02-7

ISSN: 1566-6514

Language: Spanish

This study was carried out within the framework of the project 'Flora of the Middle Caquetá', under the auspices of the Tropenbos Foundation, the former Corporación Colombiana para la Amazonia-Araracuara and the Institute of Natural Sciences of the National University of Colombia. The book enables the identification of 36 Marantaceae species, belonging to five genera, from the Araracuara region. A description of the Marantaceae family is given, with additional information on its composition, geographical distribution and uses. Line drawings illustrate the most important morphological aspects. Illustrated keys facilitate the determination of Marantaceae genera in the Araracuara region. Each genus and species is described, with information about their ecological and geographical distribution, uses and common names. The information is complemented with a key to the regional genera, with line drawings and 16 photographs. A selected bibliography on Marantaceae is included. Five species described in this book are reported as new to science, while another five species of Colombian flora are recorded for the first time. Three species were found to be cultivated for their nutritional value or for magic and/or religious uses.

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