Mobilizing more for climate (MoMo4C)


Mobilizing more for climate (MoMo4C)

Developing innovative finance for climate action using a landscape approach

In a landscape many stakeholders play a role and depend on the resources for their livelihoods and businesses. The health and resilience of the landscape is crucial for these stakeholders with regard to climate change impacts as well as for business continuity. Inequalities and poor governance in the landscape lead to overexploitation, pollution, land degradation and maladaptation, which decreases landscape resilience and local business opportunities.

As a result of poverty and inequality, smallholders in these rural areas are often very vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Few investors invest in these landscapes because there are not enough projects with the potential to create a return on investment, or because they view projects aimed at climate resilience as being too risky to invest in. Weak policies, lack of inclusiveness, few regulations, and a low control of implementation and transparency show that the enabling conditions for investments in sustainable land use lag behind those for other investments.

Mobilizing More 4 Climate (MoMo4C) is a five-year program implemented by IUCN NL, WWF NL and Tropenbos International that aims to bring together entrepreneurs, firms, policymakers, investors and civil society organisations to make green business propositions that tackle the impacts and causes of climate change at a landscape level in developing countries, and to attract investments to implement these initiatives.

MoMo4C uses landscape approach. Applying a landscape approach to the financing of climate resilience initiatives is new, and ensures that profits will be higher, risks will be lower and biodiversity benefits greater where clusters of diverse sustainable investments are undertaken in a defined geographic area. Landscapes can be considered as a type of ‘green economic zone’, offering potential for synergies among investments, as well as for sufficient scale of investment to achieve benefits in supply chains, resilience, stability and marketing. Landscape partnerships can enable collective action to address social challenges.

MoMo4C in particular facilitates public-private collaboration and attract investments that will scale up green business propositions. This is done by working with companies and financial institutions, bringing new partners and stakeholders together, and by driving the development of innovative finance for climate action that benefit the landscapes within which they are realised.

MoMo4C will stimulate innovative new climate initiatives through the implementation of challenges. These challenges or calls seek out bottom-up initiatives that have a potential to help address climate change as well as the SDGs, create positive cash flows and demonstrate how public funding can be used to leverage private finance. The program provides support to develop business propositions (cases) for concrete projects, and brings these projects in contact with companies and investors, so that solutions can be scaled up at the landscape level and attract investments both from investors within and outside of the landscape, while tackling the impacts of climate change.

The programme focuses on five countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Indonesia, Zambia and Uganda 

The programme is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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5 years: 2019-2024