Tropenbos International joins the climate strike

Tropenbos International joins the climate strike

the Netherlands - 25 September, 2019

From September 20 to 27, 2019 the global climate strike takes place. Tropenbos International joins the Dutch Climate Strike on September 27 in The Hague. Together with more than 50 Dutch organisations we have signed the declaration “the climate belongs to everyone” (het klimaat is van iedereen).

Download here the declaration (in dutch)

Why are we joining

Climate change affects us all due to heat waves or storms, droughts or floods, less biodiversity and food shortages. The ecological, social and economic impact of climate change is huge, and the responsibility lies in the hands of everyone.

Fortunately, it is not too late. Climate change can be stopped, the solutions already exist and we know exactly what needs to be done. It requires enormous effort and difficult choices, but there are also great opportunities for a greener and fairer world. The world that our children and grandchildren deserve. Citizens, local authorities and companies take the initiative towards fewer emissions and a more sustainable lifestyle, but not everyone can or wants to participate.

Public action is needed

The governments will therefore have to take the lead by making hard choices that puts people and nature in the center. So far, that has not happened. Despite recent measures taken by the Dutch government in the area of climate change, it is not nearly enough. Public action is therefore desperately needed to underline the urgency.

School strikes, protests, marches – everything we can do to support the government in taking serious measures against further climate change. That is why we support the Climate Strike in The Hague on 27 September and we ask everyone to participate. We call on the government to listen carefully to the students, concerned grandfathers and grandmothers, students, strikers, animal protectors, scientists and all those other people who unite for the climate. 

More information on the Dutch Climate Strike can be found on

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