Ecuador’s Amazonía sin Fuego Programme, applying a strategy for reducing wildfires


Authors: Daniel Segura, Joselyn Moreno, Lara Steil, Pietro Graziani, Andre Galvao & Mauricio Velásquez

General - 2022

ISSUE No.: 61


Language: English


After 20 years of implementing actions in Brazil, Bolivia and now Ecuador, the Amazonía sin Fuego Programme has had important impacts on improving fire management. One conclusion is that although forest fires cannot be prevented entirely, their frequency and impacts can be significantly reduced through integrated fire management. In Ecuador, there is now an increased understanding of the need to learn to live with fire, and to protect and manage landscapes at risk while improving livelihoods and the resilience of communities This article reports on work undertaken in Ecuador since 2017 using integrated fire management, and promoting alternatives to the use of fire in the country’s highland and coastal regions. 

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