26 octobre, 2016

Landscape Restoration Project: The Way Forward

Tropenbos International (TBI) Ghana has been advised to hand over to the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) and the Forestry Commission (FC) a synthesis of all research findings and recommendations emanating from research, stakeholder meetings and other activities conducted under the Landscape Restoration Project (LRP) to solicit information about the challenges confronting Smallholder Tree Plantation Developers in Ghana.

26 octobre, 2016

TBI Ghana lauded for her contribution to Forest Governance in Ghana

Tropenbos International Ghana has over the years promoted inclusiveness and participation in the forestry sector through several interventions. These range from spearheading the development of the Domestic Timber Policy, supporting the formulation of the Procurement Policy on Timber and Timber Products, and contributing to the review of the Forest and Wildlife Policy.

08 septembre, 2016

GUIDELINES - Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation of multi-stakeholder platforms in integrated landscape initiatives

The rapidly rising popularity of the landscape approach is resulting in a growing number of integrated landscape initiatives. Such initiatives often involve multi-stakeholder platforms, meant to enable discussions, negotiations and joint planning between stakeholders from various sectors in a given landscape. With growing investments in these platforms there is a need for simple and affordable methods to aid their planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME). Over the course of 2016, Tropenbos International and EcoAgriculture Partners have been working with other partners to develop and test such a method. This partnership has resulted in practical guidelines for participatory PME workshops that can be conducted with the members of a multi-stakeholder platform.