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NORAD to the rescue of ‘galamsey’ ravaged communities in Ghana

The Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (NORAD) is lending support to the Ghana Government to step up the governance of its natural resources by funding two non-governmental organisations working in the forestry sector; Tropenbos Ghana and A Rocha Ghana, to generate empirical information that will feed into the creation of an Integrated Land-Use Policy.

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Making knowledge work for forests and people - Annual Report 2017

This annual report highlights our achievements and work during 2017 towards realising conditions that enable climate-smart landscapes and therefore the promotion of the sustainable use of forests and trees for the benefit of local people and the global community.

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Indigenous knowledge about the Amazonian catfish in Colombia

For more than two decades, Tropenbos Colombia has dedicated itself to documenting local knowledge through supporting research conducted by indigenous communities in the mid-Caquetá region of Colombia. Indigenous peoples’ knowledge of flora and fauna species and their ecological relationships is exceptionally detailed since it is rooted in their close, long-time interaction with their habitat.

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Our Network

The TBI network has members in Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, DR Congo, Suriname, Colombia and the Netherlands. The members share a common vision and mission, as well as a common focus and approach, while tailoring their efforts to the specific local context

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