24 juin, 2016

A method to assess the performance of multi-stakeholder platforms in integrated landscape initiatives

As part of integrated landscape initiatives, organizations increasingly invest in multi-stakeholder collaboration – often in the form of a multi-stakeholder platform. These are institutional coordination mechanisms that enable discussions, negotiations and joint planning about complex natural resources management issues between stakeholders from various sectors in a given landscape. The objectives of multi-stakeholder platforms may change along the way. With growing investments in such platforms, there is a need for tools to assess their role and performance.

21 juin, 2016

Consultant: project evaluation TILCAP Ghana

TBI Ghana is seeking the services of an experienced consultant for the evaluation of the Timber Legality Compliance and Advocacy Project.

30 mai, 2016

Efforts underway to ensure sustainable charcoal and firewood production in Ghana

Ghana is to adopt a sustainable management mechanism that would ensure the continuous supply and use of charcoal and firewood and forestall their impact on Ghana’s forests.