23 April 2018 DR Congo

Round Table on the process of the elaboration of a national forest policy, the planned forest code revision and the lifting of the moratorium on giving out new forest concessions in DR Congo

A roundtable to evaluate and stimulate a constructive public debate among all stakeholders on the lifting of the moratorium on forest concessions and the revision of the Forest Code in order to reinforce the vision on a new forest policy kicked-off today, 23 April 2018 in Kinshasa, DR Congo.

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11 April 2018 the Netherlands

SOS Symposium: suicide or survival? Diagnosing the State of the Earth

Have humans begun to dig their own grave? Ecosystems vital to sustain life are depleted and altered, the climate is changing rapidly and the earth is increasingly signaling SOS in the form of rising temperatures – the planet has fever! At the SOS Symposium on 18 & 19 April 2018 in Museon, the Hague, scientists will share their views and insights of what is happening.

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01 March 2018 Uganda

Oil palm plantations in forest landscapes: impacts, aspirations and ways forward in Uganda

The main aim of introducing oil palm on islands in Lake Victoria is laudable - to provide cash incomes to impoverished rural people and to improve the national economy. But do these two objectives go hand in hand?

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10 January 2018 the Netherlands

The success of do-good business and finance approaches will largely depend on collaboration and connections

Main outcomes of a successful session at the Global Landscapes Forum 2017

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13 December 2017 the Netherlands

Assessing Landscape Governance: A Participatory Approach

In any landscape, the interests of stakeholders can both connect and conflict, often at the same time. Landscape governance relates to how various interests in the landscape are balanced in decision making and how the rules stimulate the sustainable management of the landscape resources. To achieve sustainable landscape development, it is therefore key to understand how governance processes are organized, and how this influences the decisions and behaviour of the actors in the landscape.

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12 December 2017 the Netherlands

Meet us at the Inclusive Landscape Finance Pavilion during the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn

On 19 and 20 December, the Global Landscapes Forum 2017 will take place in Bonn, Germany. The forum is the world’s largest platform for integrated land use involving all sectors and stakeholders, come and join us.

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