Traditional knowledge of fire use by islanders in the Paraná Delta, Argentina


Authors: Adriana Millán, Brián Ferrero & Bibiana Bilbao

General - 2022

ISSUE No.: 61


Language: English


In 2020, intense wildfires affected 487,000 ha in the Paraná Delta. The government responded by reinforcing fire suppression and control policies and tightening regulations that criminalized the use of fire. This negatively affected local communities and small livestock producers, who depend on the use of fire for their subsistence activities. This article summarizes for the first time the traditional use of fire in the area, and describes efforts to stimulate dialogue between local communities, environmental organizations and government agencies to share perspectives and come to a common agreement as to ways forward. Results indicate the islanders’ complex knowledge of the role of fire in the maintenance of the various grassland ecosystems, and show that dialogue can lead to effective and workable solutions. 

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