Towards integrated fire management in Mexico’s Megalopolis region: a diagnosis


Authors: Dante Arturo Rodríguez-Trejo, Laura Patricia Ponce-Calderón, Hubert Tchikoué, Roberto Martínez-Domínguez, Pedro Martínez-Muñoz & Jorge Alberto Pulido-Luna

General - 2022

ISSUE No.: 61


Language: English


Between 2011 and 2020, there were an average of 3,184 wildfires per year in the Megalopolis region around Mexico City (see Figure 1). This comprised more than 40% of all the reported fires in the country. This article incorporates a sociocultural component to understand and analyze cultural knowledge of the use of fire in the región, where many rural communities consider the use of fire to be indispensable. The arises from their view of fire as elemental in their way of life, and as an intergenerational legacy that is represented in social practices and productive processes. 

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