Reviving conservation values in agro-commodity landscapes: the case of Gunung Tarak Landscape, West Kalimantan, Indonesia


Authors: Widayati A., K. Wijaya, E. Purwanto, R. Zagt

Indonesia - 2018

Language: English


One major land-use development in the Gunung Tarak Landscape (GTL) in West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia has been the expansion of oil-palm plantations since the early 2000s, at the expense of forest and secondary regrowth areas.

The areas of High Conservation Value (HCV) identified at the landscape scale in GTL show a substantial decline between 2000 and 2016, with the relatively stable areas being only in official Protected Areas and Protection Forests; some of the losses resulted in ecological disconnection.

Identified HCV areas in GTL are a useful reference for further conservation planning, including the establishment of ecological corridors at a landscape scale and also for more detailed HCV identification in OPMUs. 

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