Options for a broad contribution of the Netherlands to forests worldwide


Authors: Jinke van Dam

General - 2020

Language: Dutch


An inventory of trends, challenges and priorities in forest-related themes, and actions by the Netherlands to realise international forest objectives

Available in Dutch only

Opties voor een brede Nederlandse inzet voor bossen wereldwijd

Een inventarisatie van trends, uitdagingen en prioriteiten in bos-gerelateerde thema’s en wat momenteel door Nederland hierop wordt gedaan om doelen op het gebied van bossen internationaal te realiseren.

This report is the result of an explorative study commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands, undertaken by Tropenbos International from September 2019 to January 2020 in support of the international component of the Forest Strategy announced by Minister Schouten (Parliamentary Document 33576, nr. 163).

This explorative report provides an inventory of opportunities for the Netherlands to contribute to sustainable forest management worldwide, and gives an overview of the challenges, trends and initiatives (both public and private) within and around the forest sector in which the Netherlands plays a role. The Ministry intends to use the document as a source of information to substantiate and to further its thinking on priorities (imaginable, possible and desirable) for the Forest Strategy’s international component.

It is emphasised that the report is a general inventory of the most relevant initiatives on a broad range of themes related to forests, and does not profess to include a comprehensive list of all initiatives.

However, given the wealth of information and data the report contains, it has been concluded in close consultation with the Ministry that wider distribution would be worthwhile, and to allow civic society parties to also benefit from this information for their own insights, objectives and activities related to forests.

Obviously, the contents, suggestions and recommendations in this document can in no way be understood as the views of, or related to the official policies of the Dutch Government. No rights can be derived from this report.

Any remarks and suggestions on the contents and/or value of this report will be very much welcomed. 

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