Major Timber Trees of Guyana. Timber Characteristics and Utilization.


Authors: Gérard, J., Miller, R.B. and Welle, B.J.H. ter.

Guyana - 1996

ISBN: 90-5113-027-9

ISSN: 1383-6811

Language: English

This book is the third publication in a series of four concerning the approximately 100 most important timber species of the northern part of Guyana, which consists of the most important forestry activities in Guyana. The first book (Tropenbos Series 2) dealt with the morphological characteristics of the trees of the forest (flower, fruit, bark and slash). The second (Tropenbos Series 10) covered the anatomical characteristics of the wood as observed through a lens. The fourth book will deal with the wood anatomy at the microscopically level. For each species, and in some cases groups of similar species, the following data are provided: - Botanical names (genus, species, family, synonyms); - International trade name and vernacular names; - Tree/bole description; - Wood description; - Technology characteristics (both physical as well as mechanical); - Processing (incl. kiln schedules); - Natural durability and treatability uses. Timber is a valuable commodity and an important product for the local market as well as for export. The goal of the Government of Guyana is to use its forests in a sustainable way. The publication is not only useful for decision-making at political level, but also for timber producers, timber agents and consumers to help make the right choice for a given species suitable for the best end-use.

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