Mainstreaming forests where they matter most. Key pointers for Dutch international policy for forests: A review of related processes and developments


Authors: Jinke van Dam

General - 2019

Language: English


Forests are directly and indirectly linked to many Sustainable Development Goals, while many drivers of deforestation and forest degradation lie outside the forest sector. Desired policy and related changes to promote forest conservation, restoration and sustainable management should therefore include other sectors. This report presents an extensive overview and in-depth analysis of 17 international policy and implementation processes, or ‘agendas’ that affect forests, addressed by intergovernmental and private sector entities.

The study was carried out to provide a basis for discussion and gain insights into the following two questions.

  • What are the most strategic intergovernmental and private agendas for promoting sustainably managed forests worldwide?
  • Given its prominence and expertise in certain areas, in what agendas can the Netherlands most effectively contribute to, and have impact on, international policy on forests?

The findings highlight the importance of mainstreaming forests in the climate, finance and innovation agendas. Specifically, for the Netherlands, it identifies five promising pathways to strengthen existing international policies for forests.

  • Making agricultural products more sustainable.
  • Developing a sustainable bioeconomy by increasing the supply of products while restoring land.
  • Promoting food security and the sustainable intensification of agriculture.
  • Enhancing the water-forest nexus.
  • Supporting good governance in land use planning and landscape restoration.

Download here the annexes:

Annex 1: Summary overview tables (Policy initiatives; Stakeholder fora and initiatives; Engagement of Dutch organizations in stakeholder fora and initiatives)
Annex 2: Factsheets

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