Lessons from the landscape – approaches that work


Authors: Zagt RJ, Pasiecznik NM and Savenije H

General - 2014

Language: English


Based on a review of stories and cases from around the world, this policy brief reveals some common lessons seen where landscape approaches have worked. These lessons emphasize the contribution of social capital in the landscape, linking short term and long term benefits and the role of resource security.

The international community has an important role to play in supporting forest and farm families to manage landscapes for the benefit of us all, through solid, specific and holistic policies and approaches. The policy brief offers four suggestions to rural development professionals that can help to consolidate and scale up the successes, for the benefit of the land and the lives of those who depend on it.

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This policy brief results from a partnership between Tropenbos International (TBI) and the Centre for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture (ILEIA), part of the AgriCultures Network, dedicated to landscapes. The partnership was supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs of the Netherlands.

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