Integrating Natural Resources and the Environment into Local Government Medium Term Development Plans: A Manual


Authors: Tropenbos Ghana

Ghana - 2018

Language: English


This publication presents guidelines on how to integrate sustainable natural resource management into the Medium-Term Development Plans of local authorities in Ghana. It provides insights into the concepts of International Public Goods (IPGs), Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Resilience and hence spells out avenues for the integration of these concepts into development planning at the local level. It also introduces participatory planning in sustainable natural resource management which encourages the participation of stakeholders from all levels.

The manual provides templates which can be used by administrators to integrate natural resource governance into their Medium-Term Development Plans. It also showcases hypothetical examples of completed templates which can be used as a guide for administrators at the local government level to develop and complete their own templates.

The manual has been developed by Tropenbos Ghana under the Green Livelihoods Alliance Programme (GLA)

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