Integrated fire management in the Brazilian Cerrado: advances and challenges


Authors: Micael Moreira Santos, Jader Nunes Cachoeira, Antonio Carlos Batista, Eduardo Henrique Rezende, Maria Cristina Bueno Coelho & Marcos Giongo

General - 2022

ISSUE No.: 61


Language: English


By including local knowledge, integrated fire management is sustaining an ancestral practice for reducing forest fires and conserving ecosystems. In private areas, however, it is necessary to develop programmes that include land owners, and to evaluate ways of expanding the proposed system. Reintroducing integrated fire management in the Cerrado has brought new tools and technologies that improve planning and implementation. Investment in research and development must be continuous, in order to advance technologically, and to train technicians, traditional communities and land owners. And it remains essential to reconcile new technologies and methodologies with traditional knowledge about fire management 

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