Improving smallholder inclusivity through integration of oil palm with crops


Authors: Maja Slingerland ,Ni’matul Khasanah, Meine van Noordwijk, Ari Susanti and Mayang Meilantina

General - 2019

Language: English


This paper presents field experiments and farmer surveys in Indonesia and Malaysia for which support the argument that oil palm production can be much more inclusive for smallholders when it addresses their diverse livelihood needs and resilience. This means going beyond just providing high incomes from palm oil monocultures, and to contribute to more stable incomes and access to food and building material based on a diversity of crops.

This paper was submitted for inclusion in the forthcoming edition of ETFRN News 59 – Exploring inclusive oil palm production, due for release in early 2019. This will contain 20 papers plus interviews, presenting examples of innovative and inclusive palm oil production systems. It will assess what has not worked, but importantly, it will analyse what positive practices and policies have worked for more inclusive palm oil production and why, as we strive towards more collective and sustainable solutions to this apparently intractable problem.

This paper will undergo final editing prior to publication publication of the complete edition, and as such, could differ from the version presented here.  

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