Guidelines: assessing landscape governance – a participatory approach


Authors: Maartje de Graaf, Louise Buck, Seth Shames & Roderick Zagt

General - 2017

ISBN: 978-905-1131-383

Language: English / Spanish / French


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Landscape governance relates to how rules and decision-making address overlapping claims and conflicting interests in the landscape. It also relates to how rules and decision-making encourage synergies among stakeholders and stimulate the sustainable management of the landscape. In order to achieve sustainable landscape development, it is crucial to understand how governance processes are organized, and how this influences the decisions and behaviour of actors in the landscape.

This manual introduces a method of assessing landscape governance in a participatory way. It involves four criteria: 1) inclusive decision-making in the landscape; 2) culture of collaboration in the landscape; 3) coordination across landscape sectors, levels and actors; and 4) sustainable landscape thinking and action.

The assessment methodology consists of a two-day participatory workshop with stakeholders from the landscape. Applying this methodology allows participants to discuss key features of landscape governance, and learn how to monitor them and identify priorities.

Download here the annexes:

Annex 1. Draft budget for the assessment workshop
Annex 2. Landscape description template
Annex 3. Draft agenda of the assessment workshop
Annex 4. Draft PowerPoint for the assessment workshop
Annex 5. Protocol for privacy and the use of data
Annex 6. Reflection questions for the assessment workshop
Annex 7. Scoring calculation template (in Excel)
Annex 8. Scorecards
Annex 9. Assessment report template

Download here the annexes in Spanish

Download here the annexes in French

Example report: Landscape Governance Assessment in Gunung Tarak Sub-Landscape by: Tropenbos Indonesia 

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