Developing a strategic approach to fire information sourcing and use in northern Côte d’Ivoire


Authors: Gernot Ruecker, Amara Ouattara, N’Dri Pascal Kouame, Roger Kouadio, Adama Tondossama, Djafarou Tiomoko, David Leimbach, Dejan Popovic & Jean-Luc Kouassi

General - 2022

ISSUE No.: 61


Language: English


In many protected areas across Africa, information on fire regimes and land management has not been available at the required level of detail. Furthermore, it is challenging to compile information in a way that is useful for decision making and for tracking the effects of implementation. On the other hand, recent years have seen a rapid increase in free Earth observation data, computing power, network speed and web-based geospatial visualization and analysis technologies. This article describes a successful attempt to compile base information on fire regimes in Comoé National Park, Côte d’Ivoire, at different spatial and temporal scales. Data is made available through a system that supports fire management planning, reporting, and documentation and analysis, and that is used to implement management activities. 

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