Combining community management of fire and water in Thailand


Authors: Veerachai Tanpipat, Royboon Rassameethes, Kobsak Wanthongchai, Prayoonyong Nhuchaiya & Jittisak Yodcum

General - 2022

ISSUE No.: 61


Language: English


Integrating community-based fire management and community water resource management provides a useful way to prevent the ignition and spread of forest fires in Thailand. This follows the Thai expression that “where is more water there will be less fire.” More water also means more ways to generate income, which will improve community livelihoods and help sustain a community-based approach to fire and water management. This article shows that communities can be supported to develop and maintain sustainable practices that reduce the risk of wildfires while improving water availability, air quality and income, and that with additional revenue streams, they can become self-sustaining.


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