14 September 2010 Viet Nam

Research on forest land allocation policy under way

As a researcher on the project “Creating Synergy in Forest Research” between HUAF and IDS/UU for mutual capacity development in forest research, PhD candidate Tran Nam Tu has been selected to develop the research proposal “The impacts of forest and forest land allocation policy on rural livelihood in Central Viet Nam”.

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31 August 2010 Indonesia

High Conservation Value assessment for the Kampar peninsula landscape

The 700,000-hectare Kampar Peninsula in Sumatra, Indonesia, is one of the largest peat deposits in the tropics. In the Kampar Peninsula, illegal logging, plantation development, migrant settlement, land clearing, and poorly constructed drainage canals in the periphery of the peninsula are slowly degrading the peatland ecosystem, even in the relatively well-protected central area. Significantly, degrading peatlands are one of the major sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the world.

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20 June 2010 the Netherlands

Conservation and use of biodiversity in tropical forests. Are we on the right track?

With smart policies a lot of the biodiversity in the tropical forests can be preserved. This was the impression given during the seminar: Conservation and use of biodiversity in Tropical forests. Are we on the right track? Held on the 16th of June, Ede, the Netherlands.

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06 June 2010 Colombia

Economy and Environmental Services in Indigenous and Afro-descendent communities: the local point of view

As part of the results of the cooperation agreement signed between TBI Colombia and Patrimonio Natural Fund for the Biodiversity and Protected Areas, on 16 and 17 June 2010 a roundtable discussion was carried out under the title ‘Economy and Environmental Services in Indigenous and Afro-descendent communities: the local point of view’.

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15 March 2010 the Netherlands

Biodiversity in Brussels

17th Brussels Development Briefing, 10 March 2010 Tropenbos International was invited to present the study “Effects of Forests Certification on Biodiversity” at the 17th Brussels Development Briefing.

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01 January 2010 Ghana

Workshop on social safeguards in FLEGT/VPA process in Accra, Ghana

The EU FLEGT Action Programme aims to combat illegal logging and its associated trade. Ghana was the first country to formulate a Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU for contributing to the FLEGT objectives. It is envisaged that improved legal timber trade will also stimulate good governance and poverty alleviation.

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