Geography of landscape governance

Geography of landscape governance

the Netherlands - 28 November, 2018

During the GLF Landscape Learning Pavilion at GLF Bonn 2018 , Tropenbos International and NTFP Philippines will organise a session on the role of Multi-Stakeholder Landscape Dialogue (MSLD) in landscape governance and how it can stimulate the sustainable and inclusive management of the resources in the landscape.

Understanding how landscape governance processes are organised and how this influences the decisions and behaviour of the actors in the landscape is vital for achieving sustainable landscape development.

Multi-Stakeholder Landscape Dialogue (MSLD) is one of the tools that can help achieving sustainable and inclusive landscape governance, reconciling conflicts between economic development, local food security, and resilience to climate change.


MSLDs provides a space for sharing perspectives among different actors on issues and solutions related to a specific landscape. The tool could be used to connect local landscape dialogues to national landscape dialogues, where local landscape issues are discussed in the national arena. In theory MSLD platform sounds inclusive and effective, but does it work in practice? Are these dialogues resourceful for the landscape governance? How do/can they contribute to the sustainable landscape development?

The workshop will start with a brief inspirational presentation by NTFP Philippines on their experience in Assessing Landscape Governance, as well as in Landscape and National Dialogues, which is followed by an interactive session on the MSLD effect on the landscape governance. This session provides space for the participants to share their experiences, ideas and understanding regarding the topic. The multi-national and multi-disciplinary scene created during the session, one could say, resembles the Multi-Stakeholder Landscape Dialogue. An interactive approach allows participants to exchange their experiences as well as to improve their knowledge on the landscape governance together.  

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