Artisanal timber logging

Artisanal timber logging

DR Congo - 12 November, 2010

Excessive artisanal timber logging is said to threaten the forest resource base especially in the east of Congo where there is a lucrative market for timber due to the high demand in neighbouring countries. Artisanal timber logging (chainsaw milling) refers to small-scale logging activities whereby the logs are being processed into planks on-site using a chainsaw. The planks are then carried out of the forest to a nearby road or river for its commercialization.

Little qualitative information is available on artisanal milling, however. Therefore TBI DR in Congo has taken the initiative to invite local and international researchers to publish their results on artisanal milling. On 8-9 October 2010 a workshop was organised in Kisangani, to select the authors of a book on the “state of knowledge on artisanal logging in DR Congo”. This book, to be published next year, will give an overview of all available information on artisanal milling in DR Congo and stimulate discussion on the topic with a variety of stakeholders.

Authors that have been selected to participate are coming from the provincial government, universities and local and international NGOs. An editing committee has been formed to assist and monitor the quality of the papers.

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