Agroforestry communication campaign – Open call

Agroforestry communication campaign – Open call

the Netherlands - 23 August, 2022

Tropenbos International is looking for a communication agency that will help us producing a communication campaign on TBI’s approaches to establish sustainable agroforestry systems.

TBI’s ambition is that production models for agrocommodities and wood products no longer drive deforestation and biodiversity loss and provide diversified livelihoods for smallholders. Also, that smallholders have adopted sustainable productive systems, including agroforestry, to provide food security, produce commodities for the market, and deliver climate and biodiversity services.

One of our strategies is to develop and upscale agroforestry models as an alternative production system. Agroforestry systems - where trees are integrated with crops and/or livestock - are increasingly acknowledged as an effective mitigation and adaptation strategy as component of so-called “climate smart landscapes”. Agroforestry has the potential to mitigate climate change, adapt resource poor smallholder farms to extreme and variable weather and increase tree-related essential ecosystem services, while increasing farm productivity.

We are looking for an experienced communication agency that will help us producing a communication campaign for different local, national, and international target groups on TBI’s approaches to develop and upscale sustainable agroforestry models and the benefits achieved.

If you are interested, please read the full Terms of References here

Deadline for proposal submission: September 7, 2022