Trudi van Ingen


As a PMEL coordinator Trudi is responsible for developing Theory of Change (ToC), capacity analysis and PMEL tools, formats, guidelines and manuals for the Green Livelihood Alliance, in collaboration with partner oganisations IUCN-NL and Milieudefensie, and for giving guidance to local partners in applying these tools and guidelines. At TBI level she gives support and guidance for ToC development and setting up appropriate information management and PMEL systems. Her ambition is to set up systems that serve accountability and tracking progress purposes as well as reflection and learning to improve effectiveness.

Trudi studied Biology (natural resources management) at Wageningen University. Through 16 years of long term assignments in Benin, Djibouti, Tanzania and Brazil, and short-term assignments in many other countries, she has become a sustainable development specialist with a wide range of competences, including in planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning, and gender mainstreaming. She has wide-ranging experience in working at community, local, national and international levels, an excellent command of English and French, and working knowledge of a few other languages.


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