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From and for youth: Young leaders from the Amazon outline their priorities

After participating in a youth exchange in June 2023 youth leaders from the Amazonia in Bolivia, Colombia and Suriname proposed three strategic actions to be included in programmes in the region. The actions relate to knowledge, inclusion and incidence, and well-being.

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Tackling the blaze — towards a more effective approach to reduce wildfire risks

In recent years, extensive wildfires, characterized by dark plumes of smoke that often stretch across national borders, have captured international headlines. So far, 2023 has proven particularly severe, with fires blazing across the Amazon basin, Canada, and Europe. These fires profoundly impact people's lives, endanger ecosystems, and release large amounts of greenhouse gases. Worryingly, their frequency and intensity are increasing. Here we answer four basic questions related to their causes and solutions, and the role different actors can play.

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Annual Review 2022 – Making knowledge work for people and forests

The unsustainable use of natural resources in tropical frontier landscapes reduces people’s resilience and contributes to climate change and loss of biodiversity. Despite the obvious negative consequences, this unsustainable use persists, and structural changes to address it are urgently needed at various levels. It is our conviction that these structural changes must start with more inclusive and equitable governance and management of forests. To this aim, we support evidence-based, locally owned solutions to landscape-specific challenges across the forested tropics.

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The TBI network has members in Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, DR Congo, Suriname, Colombia and the Netherlands. The members share a common vision and mission, as well as a common focus and approach, while tailoring their efforts to the specific local context

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