29 October, 2014

National Campesino Cultures Meeting

From 29-31 October 2014 the National Campesino Cultures Meeting will take place in Curití (Santander). The meeting will provide an opportunity to express and debate the great variety of cultural expressions of farmers (campesinos) in Colombia and for the recognition of the knowledge and practices of rural communities around the country.

20 October, 2014

Farewell to Daniel Matapí

In recent years, Daniel Matapí became from a learner, a facilitator and a field guide to a teacher, a leader and a loyal friend. Thanks to his research and his delicate weaving of relationships among indigenous and “white people”, and among different ethnic groups, he will be remembered as an important person in the dialogue of knowledge, necessary for the indigenous communities in the Colombian Amazon.

16 October, 2014

Unfair competition of illegally produced timber causes legal artisanal mills to operate at a loss

Artisanal milling has been introduced in Ghana as an alternative to illegal chainsaw milling that supplies more than 80% of the domestic timber market demand. Analysis of the economic feasibility of artisanal milling shows that legal timber production for the domestic market in Ghana cannot be profitable given the unfair competition of illegally produced timber.