23 April, 2014

Indigenous communities participate in the collective management of consumption fishing in the Tuparro National Natural Park

Community monitoring is a tool that promotes the participation of local communities in conservation and management of natural resources. Two indigenous communities settled in the Tuparro National Natural Park’s buffer zone in the Colombian Orinoquia have been registering their daily fish consumption and the ecological knowledge they have of the species. The results obtained up to now are key to the development of local agreements and fisheries management plans in the region.

18 April, 2014

Green Deal event for the promotion of sustainable forest management - 15 May 2014 in Almere, the Netherlands

Conservation of tropical rainforest through stimulation of the demand for sustainable tropical timber

07 April, 2014

The tree of life and abundance

Indigenous communities in the Colombian Amazon consider abundance, in terms of livelihood wealth, as an important aspect of their cultural background. The story “the tree of life and abundance” narrated by the indigenous elder and local researcher Abel Rodriguez includes the traditional management of food and the understanding these communities have regarding well-being as presented in their mythology of origin.

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