07 April, 2014

The tree of life and abundance

Indigenous communities in the Colombian Amazon consider abundance, in terms of livelihood wealth, as an important aspect of their cultural background. The story “the tree of life and abundance” narrated by the indigenous elder and local researcher Abel Rodriguez includes the traditional management of food and the understanding these communities have regarding well-being as presented in their mythology of origin.

27 March, 2014

Unlocking the potential for synergies between FLEGT and REDD+

The great potential for synergies between FLEGT and REDD+ has yet to be achieved in practice. This is the conclusion of the ETFRN News “Linking FLEGT and REDD+ to Improve Forest Governance”. The publication presents 22 experiences and viewpoints from around the world about the linkages between FLEGT, REDD+ and other international forest management initiatives.

05 March, 2014

Forestry Extension Service: a missing link in Ghana’s reforestation efforts

The need for a formal forestry extension service for the forestry sector in Ghana has become crucial in the light of massive reforestation and plantation development by both smallholder farmers and commercial entities. This was the subject of an essay competition organized by Tropenbos International Ghana for tertiary students in natural resource management as part of its capacity building efforts.

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