30 June, 2015

REDD+ manual for Indigenous and Maroon people

For the first time a trainer manual on REDD+, especially designed for Indigenous and Maroon people has been compiled in Suriname. TBI Suriname and Attune Development developed the manual to provide knowledge, skills and awareness for trainers in Indigenous and Maroon communities.

22 June, 2015

Exploring the páramo ecosystem from schools

Schools can play an important role as a space to gather and develop knowledge related to the páramo ecosystem and climate change. This recommendation has been given by the project Communities in the páramos in Colombia.

18 June, 2015

TILCAP Launches Training Manuals to Disseminate Information on Ghana’s VPA

The implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) signed between Ghana and the European Union (EU) would pave the way for a more effective forest governance system in Ghana. This would halt illegal logging and its associated revenue loss to the Government of Ghana and also ensure an equitable distribution of forest resources.