21 septembre, 2017

Oil palm plantations in forest landscapes: impacts, aspirations and ways forward in Nigeria

In Nigeria and specifically in Cross River State, large scale land acquisition, much of it for new oil palm plantations, has strong social and environmental impacts.

15 septembre, 2017

Impact investments in agricultural and forestry smallholders: it can be done!

A growing number of investors aspire to make the transition from ‘doing no harm’ towards ‘doing good’, said Tropenbos International director René Boot in his opening statement at the seminar Towards inclusive investments and business models for improved land governance and livelihoods. “The positive news is that this can be done.” The seminar yielded a rich harvest of cases, ideas and conditions on how this transition can take place.

07 septembre, 2017

Monitoring inclusive and sustainable landscape governance

For successful sustainable landscape development, it is key to understand how governance processes are organised, and how this influences the decisions and behaviour of the actors in the landscape. Landscape governance, which we define as the rules and decision making processes of stakeholders in the landscape, relates to how different interests in the landscape are balanced in decision-making and how the rules stimulate the sustainable management of the landscape resources.