06 juin, 2017

Latest ETFRN News on Zero deforestation: A commitment to change

Several hundred companies, governments, and civil society and non-governmental organizations have committed to zero deforestation initiatives. However, all may not have fully realized the enormousness and complexity of the challenge in committing to zero deforestation, and it appears that some did not know exactly what they stepped into. What is clear though, is that this endeavour is very much at the initial stage of development, and early work and experimentation is showing the way to putting in place what is needed.

01 juin, 2017

International Conference on the future of Central African Forests and its People

More than 140 people gathered in Den Haag on 31 May to hear from experts from the Central African region and those who have worked there. They told the assembled participants, from the Dutch government, private sector, academia, NGOs and civil society from the region and Europe, on the importance of the Congo Basin forests but also the increasing threats they face. But there was also much hope, with the sharing of concrete actions that have worked, and what more we can do, including suggestions for a Dutch development agenda that could support private sector engagement in the sustainable use of Central African forest landscapes. The conference was co-organized by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Global Compact Network – Netherlands, and Tropenbos International.

20 avril, 2017

Kick-off Workshop on Landscape Approach for Communal Land Use Planning

Information and knowledge about the landscape approach for participatory land use planning at the communal level was shared during the kick-off workshop “Landscape Approach for Land Use Planning in Gung Re commune, Di Linh District” jointly organized by Tropenbos Viet Nam, the Sustainable Trade Initiative/the Initiative for Sustainable Landscape (IDH/ISLA) and the People’s Committee of Di Linh district on 12 April 2017.