21 mars, 2017

Conference pre-announcement – The future of Central African forests and people

31 May 2017, The Hague, Netherlands - What can we do to turn peril to prosperity? What needs to be done to keep Congo Basin forests standing for the benefit of future generations? What can we do? Renowned experts from Central Africa and the Netherlands will share their insights.

22 fvrier, 2017

The voice of artisanal loggers in the Orientale Province of DR Congo is heard

During years artisanal loggers in the Orientale Province of DR Congo have been faced with all sort of irregularities from the authorities at the moment of paying taxes, processing logging permits and paying fees. As was the case on 13 January 2017 when the chair of an association of artisanal loggers from Bafwasende went with 15,000 US$ in an envelope to pay the taxes owed by the members of its association to the province of Tshopo. But the authorities didn’t issue the permit for the period stipulated by the law.

12 dcembre, 2016

Hydropower Plant Development in Viet Nam’s Central Zone and Central Highlands: a Trade-off

Despite being a major source of electricity for daily use and production activities, excessive hydropower plant development in the Central zone and Central Highlands of Viet Nam has created adverse social-environmental impacts and on local people’s livelihoods. The main issues include ineffective planning, lack of proper monitoring of the implementation, and unsolved problems regarding compensation and resettlement for affected people. Those were the main conclusions drawn during the workshop “Sustainable Hydropower Plants Development in Viet Nam’s Central Zone and Central Highlands” jointly organized by Tropenbos International Viet Nam (TBI Viet Nam), the Centre for Social Research and Development (CSRD), the Da Nang Union of Science and Technology Associations, and the Viet Nam Rivers Network (VRN) on 6 December 2016 in Da Nang city.