23 September, 2014

Unravelling the ‘landscape approach’ – are we on the right track?

Forests and farmland are increasing threatened by pressures on our landscapes for commodity agriculture, urban development, mining, tourism, transport infrastructure. The futures of family farmers, pastoralists, forest-dependent communities, fishing communities and indigenous people are at stake. The ‘landscape approach’ is increasingly hailed as an inclusive, equitable and multi-stakeholder means of addressing and resolving conflicts in land and water management. But is it working? Are we on the right track?

16 September, 2014

EU Team visits reforestation activities at Supon Forest Reserve, Ghana

On August 6th the Breman-Anwiam Artisanal Milling Association had the opportunity to show their newly established plantation to a delegation from the EU. Mr. Ignacio Burol and Mr. Herve DelSol from the EU-delegation in Accra were very impressed with the achievement of the Association in replanting Ghana’s degraded forests and pledged EU’s support in combating deforestation and forest degradation in Ghana.

08 September, 2014

Abel Rodriguez, local researcher, receives 2014 Principal Prince Claus Laureate award

Abel Rodriguez, an elder of the Nonuya people, an indigenous group from the mid Caquetá River in Colombia, receives the Principal Prince Claus Laureate 2014 award for his outstanding work as a botanist, an artist and his knowledge and understanding of the Amazonian ecosystem.

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