07 October, 2015

Workshop to Share New Tools for Monitoring and Evaluating Livelihoods and Vulnerability Indicators

An exchange of knowledge and information on local livelihoods and vulnerability among REDD and PES projects in the Mekong river delta region took place at the workshop “Monitoring and Evaluating Livelihoods and Vulnerability Indicators of PES and REDD Projects” (11 September 2015). Additionally methodologies and data where shared to develop a database of baseline Reference Livelihoods and Vulnerability Levels (RLVL) from pilot PES and REDD projects in Viet Nam.

05 October, 2015

The state of REDD+ in Viet Nam

Despite the high expectations about the benefits that REDD+ might bring to Viet Nam, until now its application has mostly been successful at national level. This was one of the conclusions presented at the seminar “Rethinking Livelihoods, Forest Governance and Socio-ecological Systems: The State of REDD+ in Viet Nam” organized by TBI Viet Nam on 19 August 2015 to share the PhD research results of Mucahid Mustafa Bayrak.

02 October, 2015

Identifying, documenting and managing manifestations of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in rural communities

A large set of publications about the “Immaterial Cultural Heritage from the local perspective” is now available. It reflects the work done by TBI Colombia and the Ministry of Culture to strengthen the intangible cultural heritage policy in different rural areas.