24 novembre, 2015

The Green Livelihoods Alliance signs Strategic Partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On 23 November 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an alliance consisting of Milieudefensie, IUCN NL and Tropenbos International - together called the Green Livelihoods Alliance (GLA) - signed a strategic partnership. Through this partnership, Tropenbos International and its partners aim to strengthen the role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the inclusive and sustainable governance of forested landscapes and restoration of degraded landscapes. This will be done by strengthening their capacities al to influence governmental and corporate policies and practices. A better governance of forested landscapes will benefit local people, their economic and social development, and contribute to reduced deforestation.

24 novembre, 2015

Communities in the páramos: local knowledge and capacities for the management of strategic ecosystems

Strengthening the local knowledge and the capacities is a strategy that enhances the management of strategic ecosystems as it has been demonstrated by the results obtained in the project Communities of the páramos.

23 novembre, 2015

Tropenbos International Ghana links outcomes of Chainsaw Milling Project and Timber legality Compliance and Advocacy Project

Tropenbos International Ghana has begun an initiative to link the outcomes of the Chainsaw Milling (CSM) Project with that of the Timber Legality Compliance and Advocacy Project (TILCAP) by building a symbiotic relationship between the two projects that would ensure that they support each other. Both projects are being funded by the European Union (EU).