03 August, 2015

The radio from a youth perspective

Using the radio as a means to communicate ideas about the paramo, a group of young people from the rural school of Ferralarada (IED Ferralarada) and the local knowledge holders from the National Natural Park Chingaza (PNN Chingaza) created a series of programmes called Somos Monteluna: these are the voices and stories of the Chingaza páramo. The series of programmes have interviews, reports, stories, and songs which include local testimonies and voices.

31 July, 2015

Strategy to side with indigenous people

To deal with rampant land disputes involving indigenous communities, the Environment and Forestry Ministry of Indonesia has set a target of redistributing 12.7 million hectares of social forests (2015-2019). The majority, 6.8 million ha, would be taken from concession forests — totaling 30 million ha, from which around 10 million ha are under industrial forest permits (HTI) and around 12 million ha are natural production forest concessions (HPH) — in the form of partnership forests, Hutan Kemitraan (HK).

30 July, 2015

Overland Export of Timber from Ghana: A Silent Cancer

Aside Ghana increasing its efforts to address illegal logging and milling to secure the supply of legal timber to the domestic market, the country has to pay special attention to the overland export of timber. Ghana has a long history as a major supplier of high-value hardwood timber and wood products to European, Asian and African markets. As a signer of the Voluntary Partnership agreement with the EU, Ghana has a commitment not only to export legal wood but also source and trade in legal timber on the domestic market. A study conducted by the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana has brought to the limelight the overland trade in wood and wood products as a vibrant one but largely illegal.